29 Apr,2024

Do air fryers cause cancer?

  ‘Everything can be fried’, fried chicken wings, Chips, fried ribs ...... think of these, you are not immediately mouth watering? Nowadays, the air fryer has become a ‘net red’ electrical appliances, oil-free, low-fat, non-flammable air fryer to make friends who love fried food as a treasure. However, many people are confused, since it is ‘fried’, air fryer fried food health? Will it cause cancer? If you have to use an air fryer, how to use a healthier? The reporter specially interviewed Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital deputy chief physician, oncology postdoctoral Wang Lin. He said that the air fryer is using high temperature to complete the heating of food, therefore, in the process of cooking food there may be some harmful chemical components such as acrylamide, but its average exposure (i.e. intake) in our diet is very low, leaving aside the dose to talk about toxicity is unscientific. ‘Instead of worrying about air fryers causing cancer, it is better to change the way of cooking by frying, grilling and deep-frying less and try to cook ingredients through steaming and boiling.’

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