29 Apr,2024

Is an air fryer an IQ tax?

Within two months, the air fryer has been on three hot searches. Among them, the discussion of ‘air fryer is really healthy’ hung on the list for 12 hours, with a reading volume of more than 420 million, reaching the top several times. 

Air fryer is one of the most popular small home appliances in recent years. Even though it has just experienced the small home appliance purchasing boom in 2020, the sales of air fryers during the Suning Double Twelve in 2021 still exceeded three times last year's sales. Jingdong's Double Eleven war report also shows that air fryers ranked in the top five categories that consumers pay the most attention to. 

Sales are encouraging, but consumer concerns have never been completely dispelled. When people eat air fried fries and chicken wings after the effort to clean the frying basket stained with sticky grease, the bottom of the heart can not help but flash a shadow of doubt: can really filter grease? Is it really healthy? Can these fried foods be eaten with impunity in the future? 

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