29 Apr,2024

Air fryers unsafe? Academics advise consumers to choose compliant big brands

Recently, the Consumer Council of Hong Kong (hereinafter referred to as CC) disclosed on its official website and monthly magazine that the test results of 12 models of air fryers conducted by CC showed that the carcinogen acrylamide in Chips of six brands of air fryers had exceeded the standard.
In response, Imarflex replied to the CPSC that the actual cooking time and temperature should be adjusted according to the amount of food and personal taste, and the recommended cooking time and temperature in the instruction manual are for reference only. The company also advised that the French fries recipe in the instruction booklet was designed according to the taste of foreigners, and the recommended cooking time of 12 to 20 minutes was for thicker fries (e.g. French fries).
Proluxury responded that the company would improve the instruction manual and strictly control the production process to avoid the problem of insufficient insulation distance and to ensure that the product meets the requirements of safety standards.

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