29 Apr,2024

Starting with whether the air fryer works or not

 Deep-fried chicken, deep-fried pork ribs, deep-fried lotus root box ...... Are you salivating for deep-fried food that is golden and crispy on the outside and tender on the inside? Although fried food is delicious, it is high in fat and calories, which is not good for your health. Since the claim that ‘no oil’, ‘less oil’ air fryer was introduced, many people are like a treasure - no oil or less oil can also make crispy, crunchy food, to meet the taste buds at the same time! Can also reduce the intake of oil, simply the best of both worlds!

  But in the past two days, an ‘expert does not recommend more air fryer’ news rushed to the hot search, said the air fryer's high-temperature heating will make the food produce potential carcinogens acrylamide, cancer risk, and ‘high temperature many nutrients will be lost.’ ‘Easily cause unsaturated fatty acid intake is insufficient’. In this regard, many netizens do not buy, and some people even said, ‘Suggest that experts do not suggest, and then suggest that, what can not eat’.

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